Suspension Magnet

Suspension magnets are exclusively used to attract iron particles from an elevated position. Usually the material flow will be through a conveyor belt.
Suspension magnet works on permanent magnetic principle and requires manual cleaning. Size of such magnet depends on the conveyor width size and material flow speed rate. Height of suspension can be adjusted according to the running material size.
This type of permanent suspension magnet needs no power supply for it to function. It is also very easy to install and maintain and manage. It requires no maintenance needs. Cleaning of such magnet is easy. Suspension magnets are installed to avoid serious damages to grinder machine, crusher machine and other material handling equipments.
This magnet is also suitable for industries such as coal mines, waste recycling and other heavy metal processing industries.
Undoubtedly, suspension magnet has proved to be the most effective means for the removal of tram iron and ferrous contamination from heavy burden depths of material being conveyed on conveyor belt moving on high speeds.