Plate Magnet

Plate magnet or magnetic plate is rigid assembly used in various industries, installed in different application areas to deal with ferrous metal attraction. Plate magnets are designed for the use in chutes over conveyed material.
JakesM Magnetic Plate is designed for fitting into inclined chutes. Manufactured with a thick stainless steel angle frame, the construction is robust allowing rigorous handling. It also allows the angle frame to be drilled for fitting purposes. We manufacture both ferrite and rare-earth magnet models, depending upon the customers requirement.
Plates are usually installed in the base of inclined gravity feed chutes for the extraction of powder or granular materials being processed. It is simply fitted into the cut-out in the base of the chute or hinged from underneath.
Magnetic plate can be manufactured to any required size. It can be easy installed. These magnetic plates deliver effective and consistent performance due to high magnetic flux density. Total body is encased in SS304 body.