Magnetic Sweeper

JakesM Magnetic Sweeper has been ideally designed to keep the working floors free from metal and ferrous scraps, thus allowing a safe work place. These Magnetic Sweepers are used to eradicate the presence of small and minute ferrous particles such as nails, swarfs, tacks, nuts, bolts and other minute metal scraps.
Each Magnetic Sweeper is fitted with industrial standard support wheel for moving around to the desired location. Our conceptual design helps the Magnetic Sweeper to reach places where it is required and remove unwanted metal dust build up.
By using the highest quality magnets and assembling it to a perfect finish, JakesM ensures that the Magnetic Sweeper serves its purpose. We have supplied magnetic sweepers to many companies in India. Magnetic Sweepers has a need in many industries, thus JakesM offers a wide selection of Magnetic Sweepers to suit virtually every situation and need.
Our Magnetic Sweeper efficiently removes large quantities of dangerous scrap metal from shop floors and machining areas. These magnets are also preferred in places such as storage closets, office areas and parts picking station.
We have supplied more than 300Nos of Magnetic Sweepers, mostly to spinning mills, saw mills and scrap recycling units.