Magnetic Grill / Hopper Magnet

We at JakesM specialise in manufacturing magnetic grill of any size and shape, depending upon the requirement. These Magnetic grills are designed and manufactured primarily for installation in hoppers to attract iron contamination from the product flow.
Magnetic grill or Hopper Magnet can be manufactured to shapes such as round, square or rectangle depending upon the installation area. The total no of magnetic rods will depend upon the material size, type and the size of installation area.
All our magnetic grills are manufactured to specification to suit individual needs. Each magnetic grill goes through various testing process to ensure hassle free performance after installation. We also provide extra outer SS304 outer frame if required, for easy installation purpose.
Our expert team tests each magnetic rod individually to ensure its surface gauss value. All our magnetic rods are guaranteed to exhibit a surface gauss value of above 10,500Gs. Magnetic rod has an outer SS304 pipe in compliance with FDA quality requirement. These rods have a working temperature tolerance of up to 90°C.
These magnetic grills are specifically used to remove fine iron contamination from products such as tea, sugar, flour, grain and any other types of powder which is either low on moisture content or dry.