Magnetic Drum Separator

Magnetic drum separators are self-cleaning type. Material processed through the top chute provided will be self sorted by separating flowing material from ferrous contamination. It has a complete SS304 body from top chute to the bottom material separation plate.
Drum type magnetic separator consists of anisotropic permanent magnets. We make sure that the whole built up is sturdy and has a rugged construction. It has a completely enclosed design to avoid pollution, dusting and material spillage.
This type of magnetic is effectively used to sort minerals such as huebnerite, chromate, monazite, garnet, wolframite etc. It is also used in processing food based products such as grains, rice, pulses etc.
We manufacture single drum and double drum magnetic separator if there is a need. The length and diameter of the magnetic drum depends upon the material that has to be processed. The permanent used are expected to last for a very long time. Usually the strength of such magnet does not diminish on normal usage.
The Magnetic drum separators are available in standard drum diameters of 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and Drum width range from 300mm to 2000mm.
There are also many others sizes which can be made as per your requirement. The larger the diameter and width of the drum the greater is the volume of material which can be handled.