Liquid Line Magnet / Pipeline Magnet

Liquid line magnet or pipeline magnet is used to remove tramp iron contamination from liquid stream. Fine ferrous particles may be mixed up during certain product production line, which may be due to the rust formation in the product flow pipeline or wear and tear of the SS pipeline.
Installing such liquid line magnet to the product flow pipeline helps in trapping ferrous fragments, thus purifying the product which is in liquid state. All liquid pipeline magnets are made of complete SS304 body complying with the FDA norms.
We use high intensity; high gradient neodymium magnets to the pipeline magnet to ensure it removes iron contamination efficiently. Pipeline magnetic separator allows easy access for maintenance and inspection.
We manufacture Liquid line magnet with either flanged ends or threaded ends for installing to the existing pipeline, depending on our customers requirement. Cleaning of such magnet is made easy by opening the provided font door and slide removing magnetic layers individually.
These liquid line magnetic traps can be installed vertically, horizontally or any suitable position according to the existing pipeline. We technically manufacture magnet in a way that it does not disrupts material flow speed or desired quantity.