Hand Magnet

Hand Magnets are suitable for removing ferrous contamination, which is in the form of minute granules. It is also used to attract items such as nuts, bolts, nails, screws etc., These Hand Magnets are preferred when it is not feasible to remove ferrous scrap by bare hands or other heavy duty machines. JakesM keeps the design simple, focusing more on its performance.
These magnets are weightless, so can be carried to any location where it is best required. We use high power quality magnets to ensure its performance. Having built a perfect working space, we are able to take orders on a mass quantity and also as minimum as 10. Orders can be taken and delivered on the same day.
Hand Magnets does not have a default size thus helping our customers to specify the dimensions and shapes they require. Hand magnets can be made in round, square, rectangular and oval shapes, depending upon the application area and purpose. Thickness of these magnets will reflect on the magnetic power.
Hand Magnets comes with easy attracts and release model which helps in trouble free handling. Industrial Hand Magnets are used throughout the production line. It is highly suitable for free flowing powders, granules and liquids.
Our range of food industry hand magnets are manufactured to food industry standards. It is light weight and easy to handle.
Ferrous particles after being caught by our Hand Magnet can easily be released by just pulling back the handle, which causes the contamination to fall away.