Drawer Type Magnetic Grill

Drawer type magnetic housing is used to ensure that there is a hassle free material flow through magnetic grids. We at JakesM manufacture Drawer type magnet housing for many industries suitable to process materials such as flour, sugar, flour, tea, grain etc.
All our drawer type magnetic grill housing comes with dust proof assembly to ensure there is no material contamination and also spillage. We custom manufacture single drawer or multiple drawer type magnetic assembly, depending upon the product and usage requirement. It is important that the assembly does not allow material deposition inside the housing.
We ensure that any material that is processed through has a free flow. The magnetic drawers are easily removable for cleaning purpose. The magnetic assembly comes with suitable top and bottom flages for fixing purpose.
Each magnetic grid is mounted one above the other in multiple drawer type magnetic assembly for maximum efficiency.
We make sure that our magnetic rods exhibit highest surface gauss value to obtain maximum efficacy. Any type of input and output flanges can be fitted depending upon the product flow direction.