Bale-Plucker Magnet

JakesM Bale Plucker Magnets are installed in bale plucker machine. JakesM Bale Plucker Magnets are made from a very strong grade of neodymium rare-earth magnet which exhibits a very high surface gauss power. Since our magnets are extremely strong, it helps to attract fine ferrous iron dust from processing the cotton.
We are happy to announce that all Bale Plucker Magnet that we have installed so far has only yielded us positive feedback. Our Bale Plucker Magnet can exhibit surface gauss value of above 6,000 gauss power, to make sure that no ferrous contamination escapes.
We provide fixing assembly along with the material for easy installation. We have been successfully replacing many already existing default ferrite based magnet which comes with the bale plucker machine, which is highly inefficient.
Our magnets are suitable for machines such as Rieter, Lakshmi and Blendomat Trutzschler with the size length ranging from 1700mm(L) to 2300mm(L).